European website designed to describe how health data can save lives, and how "the power of data lies within every patient".

This link describes the Statistics Canada Community Health Survey

Data Protection Laws of the World (can toggle between countries)

Global Data Privacy and Security Handbook by Baker McKenzie

This link provides real-world examples of how patient data can be used to both provide better care, and also improve health.

The Data Saves Lives Glossary of Terms

General Data Protection Regulation (European Union)

Health Data UK overview of how health data is used for research

From Canada's federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner, this is a resource page geared towards individuals to understand how personal information is used in Canada. It includes a useful FAQ and links related to use of health and genetic data.

Health Canada's website for Health Data

Sensitive Data Toolkit for Researchers

Empower people living with T1D to advance research, policy and clinical care

Blog and News from the Vector Institute in Canada - an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), excelling in machine and deep learning.

The Montreal AI Ethics Institute - an international non-profit organization democratizing AI ethics literacy. They "equip citizens concerned about artificial intelligence to take action because we believe that civic competence is the foundation of change. You are our best shot at a future where humans and algorithms bring out the best in each other."

"The Clear Communication resource pages are designed to support science and public health communicators in the creation and dissemination of health information. The goal of Clear Communication is to cultivate a growing health literacy movement by increasing information sharing of NIH educational products and best practices."

Free course on healthcare data literacy from UC Davis, University of California

European Medicines Agency

This link takes you to a Canadian microsite which discusses data sharing in plain language

This website is for the First Nations Information Governance Centre. You can access the First Nations Data Governance Strategy on this website.