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Our Story

Data. We make it with our own bodies and minds. We share it with people every single day, often  without realizing it. Sometimes there is value in sharing data when it’s done responsibly, and at the right time. For example, you can share data for yourself (which can impact your care), you can share data for your community (which can impact safety), and you can share data for society (which can impact public health and societal good). But sharing your data can be scary, because sometimes it’s personal.

The collaborators who came together to build this website wanted to make the value of data easier to understand. Because we all work with data, we understand it pretty well, and we wanted to make sure we were addressing the right questions.

That is why we pulled together multiple groups of people – people living with health conditions, and people who aren’t, and we asked them to help us think about the right questions to highlight and answer.

We also asked what they might want this website to look like, and even what colours they prefer. The whole idea was to create something that would be useful for everyone, functional, easy to use, and informative, and the only way to do that properly was to ask future users what they might want.

We are so proud of what we have achieved together and we are excited about how this website can reach people just like you, all over the world.

Join Us

Join Us

When we created this website, it was meant to provide value for patients in Canada and Europe, and our creators and collaborators come from those places.

What if we could harness the power of knowledge and this team and find international reach with this website? What if we, through this website, could bring the same foundational knowledge to more people? What if this website could become a trusted tool for decision makers to refer to when they themselves have questions about data?

You can help.

If you like this website, please share it widely. If you find the information useful in helping you make decisions about your own data, please share with others you know who might also be facing similar decisions.

Together we can help spread a common understanding about the value of sharing data around the world, and create a robust movement toward better health.

Will you join us?

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